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At Gaze, we have a real passion for eyelash extensions.

Whether it’s a natural look you’re going for or a lush dramatic lash line, we can make your lash dreams come true. We customize each set of lash extensions based on your individual preferences and existing lashes to create a look especially for you. New to eyelash extensions or have questions about the process? Check out our frequently asked questions. Already know what you need and want to book an appointment? Here’s our online scheduling.

Classic Lashes

From bold to natural - this application is our most popular offering. One extension is placed on one lash, giving each lash length and thickness that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Volume Lashes

For the client who wants extreme fluffiness and dimension to her lashes, this technique involves applying multiple tiny, feather-light extensions to each lash for damage-free fullness and drama.

Extension Correction

So you got some less-than-ideal extensions. That’s okay! We will get you fixed up and back to your beautiful self in no time. Just let us work our magic to prevent any further damage to your lashes.

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