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An in-depth discussion of what you want from your lash extension experience. Good for those who are unfamiliar with lash extensions or who have questions about the service. We especially recommend a prior consultation for clients who have had issues with eyelash extensions in the past.
30 minutes ✦ Free

Full Set of Classic Lashes

The original semi-permanent eyelash enhancement! Lashes are placed carefully, one lash to each lash, to make the most of what your momma gave you. Since we customize the look to each client's preferences, your new lashes can be as bold or as natural as you like.
2 hours 30 minutes ✦ $175

Classic Lash Fill

This fill is a regular maintenance fill of traditional eyelash extensions. Recommended every two to three weeks to keep your lash line looking its best!
up to 75 minutes ✦ $75

Full Set of Volume Lashes

This ultra-luxurious service is for the client who craves va-va-voom volume. Unlike traditional eyelash extensions, where one lash extension is placed per natural lash, volume techniques allow your lash stylist to place custom, handmade "fans" of multiple feather light lash extensions to each natural lash. This creates an unbelievably full look without damaging the natural lashes with heavy clusters. Since this is a more advanced technique, please note the appointment time is a little longer than the traditional full set.
3 hours ✦ $225

Volume Lash Fill

This fill is the routine maintenance fill for clients that already wear volume lashes - or maybe want to transition from traditional to volume lashes.
1 hour ✦ $90

Extension Removal

If you ever want to have your eyelash extensions removed by a stylist, this is the appointment for you. Your extensions will be removed gently without damaging your natural eyelashes.
30 minutes ✦ $30

Corrective Lash Services

So you might have gotten some lash extensions at another studio that didn't delight you. Maybe they are not exactly what you wanted, maybe they are bothering you a little, maybe they actually hurt. None of these things should be the case when it comes to lash extensions! If you feel like you might need some extension correction, this is the appointment for you. Please note that the amount of correction varies from case to case. Sometimes this means simply removing some bothersome lashes and replacing them with new ones. Sometimes this means a complete removal and new set. This appointment is an hour and a half long to assure that there is time to discuss your issue, assess your lash health and figure out what needs to be done to get your lashes looking fabulous. Not every correction is a quick fix, but this service will get you well on your way.
1 hour 30 minutes ✦ $100

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